Good Shepherd Hospital


Good Shepherd Mission Hospital is a community hospital located in Sitteki (26°28’08.5 S, 31°57’38.5 E), region of Lubombo, Eswatini. Eswatini is the smallest country in Southern Africa and is bordered by South Africa and Mozambique on its Eastern border. Good Shepherd hospital is located in Siteki which is one of the poorest rural centres in the country.

Good Shepherd Mission Hospital in Siteki, Swaziland, is owned by the Catholic Diocese of Manzini under the leadership of His Lordship Jose Luis Ponce De Lion. It is governed byGoverning Board and was established in 1949, by the Catholic Church in Swaziland.

However, in 2009, the Hospital was transformed to a Government Parastatal under Category A of the Public Enterprises. The Governing Board is now composed according to SCOPE rules and regulations.  The main aims and objectives of the Hospital is to promote the concept of healing and wholeness in a Christian spirit as a state of physical, mental and spiritual well being as provided in the constitution of the World health Organization.

Despite its small size, it is responsible for roughly 250,000 people predominantly from rural communities. The bed capacity is currently 225, and bed occupancy rises up to 130% in some cases.


The Good Shepherd Hospital has huge needs of personal protective equipment for doctors, nurses and all the hospital personnel in order to face in good conditions the pandemic.

Mainly, GSH main needs are (among others):

  • Personal protective equipment: surgical face masks, disposable scrub suits, etc.
  • Infrastructure requirements: tent for Out Patient Department (OPD), Roomed Parkhomes for COVID Admission, etc.